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Build a beautiful, maintenance free, mobile optimized website for yourself or your band in under 2 minutes. Tens of thousands of musicians have built pages without writing a single line of code.

It's your page. Customize it how you like.

Your splash page should feel unique to your brand, so we give you edge to edge control of what the page looks like. Customize the look of the navigation bar, add custom media, and upload a custom background. And customizing is incredibly simple!

  • Feature Content
    Highlight a new piece of content by setting it as widget right on your Onesheet.
  • Like & Follow Buttons
    Fans can Like your FB Page and Follow you on Twitter directly from Onesheet.
  • Facebook Comments
    Fans can leave comments directly on Onesheet and post them to Facebook instantly.
  • Capture Email
    Collect email addresses right from your Onesheet and export them anytime.
  • Hide Navigation Icons
    Completely remove the icons for the content sources in your navigation bar.
  • Contact Form
    Add a contact form and never miss an opportunity because the fan, label can't get in touch.

Maintenance Free

These days, you're so active across the web, you shouldn't need to update anything more than once. Your splash page is kept up to date using content posted to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. Your page updates itself!

Mobile Optimized

In the two minutes it takes you to build a splash page, you are also building your own custom mobile web app! It's never, ever been easier for an entertainment professional to create their own mobile optimized site!

  • Loading Screen
    When your app is launched from the home screen, it shows a custom loading screen.
  • Custom Icon
    Custom icon when fans save your Onesheet on their iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices.

Domain Name

Your splash page can be accessed by or a subdomain ( It's simple to set up and you can use this to gather tons of analytics about your page!

  • Custom Browser Icon
    Your Onesheet will have its own custom icon in the browser location bar.
  • Custom Meta Tags
    Customize the meta description and keywords of your Onesheet.
  • Install Google Analytics
    Collect data about all your Onesheet visitors by adding your own Google Analytics tracker.